Communion Services

At the Lord's Supper, there is an 'open table' at which 'all who love the Lord in sincerity and truth' are invited to share Communion together.



It is the normal practice of Congregationalists to baptise infants and adults who have not previously been baptised. This baptism is a recognition of God's grace towards us: we believe that He loves us and wishes us to be involved in Christ's Church. It is celebrated at a normal Sunday service when the whole community of the church comes together to worship.


Thanksgiving  for  the  Birth  of  a Child

The birth of a child is usually an occasion for rejoicing. Some parents may choose not to have their child baptised but will quite rightly want to express their thanks to God for the gift of their child. In these circumstances we are happy to invite the family and friends to share in an act of thanksgiving, which is usually incorporated into a Sunday service or, occasionally, used in the home, depending on individual circumstances.



The Christian marriage service is one of the Church’s great celebrations. It is an act of worship in which marriage is celebrated as a gift from God and the joy of the couple is shared, and their commitment to each other is witnessed, by family and friends. The marriage service’s themes of  love, hope, faithfulness, sacrifice and trust are at the heart of the Christian gospel.


 If you would like to find out more about any of these services, please contact our Minister or Church Secretary

We hold special services to celebrate all the Christian Feasts and other special events throughout the year, including


Candle-lit Carol Service

Children’s Nativity Service

Maundy Thursday Service

Good Friday Reflections

Easter Sunday Celebrations

Harvest Festival.


The members and leaders of the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, as well as their families, join with us for Parade Services on some of these occasions.

These services are suitable for all ages.


 Details of all these services are included in our regular publications: