crossteach Warwickshire: Spring Term 2 Prayer Bulletin


Hope you are all safe and warm in this snowy weather.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. 
 Please join with us in prayer as we give young people across Warwickshire the chance to engage with the Christian faith in secondary schools.

Praise God for:
  • A restful break over half term. The team took some time off with friends and family.
  • Continuing opportunities in schools. We know that this is only by God's grace and we are thankful for good relationships with staff and pupils in schools.
  • The lessons we taught last half term. We were in Southam College, Campion School, Aylesford School and North Leamington School teaching across Years 7-10. Topics included: The Resurrection, Salvation & Redemption, Faith and Worship.
  • Great discussions in lunch clubs. The last week of half term we allowed time in clubs for pupils to ask their questions. The conversations were fascinating and it's great hearing how much the pupils know and what they want to know more about.
  • A successful quiz night. We had around 80 people at the event. Thank you to everyone who came along.


Please Pray for:
  • The lessons this half term. We will be teaching lessons on Pilgrimage with Year 7 at Southam and Year 8 at Campion, What is a Christian with Year 8 at Southam, Relationships & Family with Year 10 and Matters of Life & Death with Year 11 at Kenilworth and Holy Week with Year 7 at NLS.
  • Easter Experiences. We will be running these sessions with two secondary schools and a number of primary schools. Please pray for the preparation required and for Simon as he oversees it. 
  • Our LST. The local support team will be meeting on Monday 5th March. Please pray for all of us as we consider how to build partnerships with local churches and reflect on how the year is going so far. 
  • NLS Alternative Curriculum Day. This year we will be with Year 11 for the day supporting the delivery of their GCSE content. We have chosen to look at Good, Evil and Suffering. Pray for us as we prepare and pray for the day (Weds 14th March) that pupils will behave well and be engaged in what we do with them.
  • Jo and Rachel as they join Year 7 from Southam College on a trip to London to visit St Paul's Cathedral on Tues 27th March. This is a fantastic opportunity to serve the school and build relationships with staff and pupils.


Finance Update:

At present our current expected income is £10,000 less than expenditure. We continue to thank God for his provision year after year and pray that He will provide what is needed again this year. Please pray for new supporters who feel willing and able to support the work in this way.